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The Big Cheese

Make your menu the boss with new cheese varieties and updated uses for old favorites

By Robin Schempp


With an upsurge in domestic cheese production and consumption, consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to quality, flavor and variety, requiring menu makers to meet the demand for more selections in all menu parts. Distinguished natural cheeses are entrenched in American dining culture, keeping cheddar, Jack, Swiss and mozzarella as top choices for sandwiches, snacks and melts. The appeal and craveability of creamy goat, crumbled blue and softened Brie in salads and appetizers endures. And more robust global cheeses are now the norm for topping and finishing, so keep grating and melting that Parmesan, Manchego and Asiago.

We know that cheese sells and, generally, more cheese sells more, so it’s about time to make some updates — as well as some simple and profitable menu applications — with a few of the newer and revived cheese categories.


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