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Craft Cocktail Cues for 2015

A roundup of macro, mini and micro cocktail trends

By Robin Schempp


Tippling is trendy. When the craft cocktail hits even family-style restaurants like Denny’s, we have another sign—as Slate writer Troy Patterson puts it—“that fancy-ass drinking has gone thoroughly mainstream.” Indeed, the bar has been raised to the level of a 100 percent agave tequila margarita with fresh lime and agave syrup properly served on hard-core ice. The cocktail as we know it has been resurrected, rejuvenated and has retaken its rightful place in time.

Like the chefs in the culinary revolution before them, cocktail and spirit revolutionaries like Dale “King Cocktail” Degroff have revived the craft of modern mixology in as few as a dozen years.


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