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Committed to new challenges that keep us energized and creating joy from doing a great job for profit. Creatively supporting concept, product, strategic, operational and market development, in food & beverage and and solutions for restaurants, manufactures, brands, retailers and foodservice. Continuously finding new, better ways to work for ourselves in the service of others. Name may not be familiar but our dynamic “right stuff” work will be. Money shall never replace integrity, service, creativity or fun. We will provide both intellectual and tangible outputs. Integrity regardless of success or failure. Maintaining the ability to walk away. Pioneer and partner for success. Be the sum of our parts. Learn and educate. Eat & drink well. Commitment to excellence; excellent people, excellent clients, excellent results.


Make fun give back be small, fat & happy. Every client knows it’s all about the food.


Passion the Right Stuff recipe.

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